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What you need to know about Casino Games Hire


Casino hire games are an excellent way to make your party memorable. You get the chance of enjoying some of the most prominent casino games, including Blackjack and Roulette, among others on your event or occasion. For exciting gaming experience on your big day, casino hire will have your back.

Actually, everyone wants to leave a mark on their special events and occasions. One way to achieve that is going for mobile fun casino hire services. You can play your favourite game all night long during your upcoming birthday party. The best casino hire service providers everything to create an effective casino setting. For instance, tables are delivered and set up at your preferred venue. Most tables feature elegancy, fun, croupiers to mention but a few.

Casino hire services are ideal for corporate events, wedding parties, private parties, team buildings events or a casino night with relatives and friends.

What Kind of Services to Expect from Casino Hire and Rental Services?

When it comes to casino hire and rental services, you can have the best casino gambling experience. That’s because after hiring casino games, you are assigned a team of croupiers to ensure that things work out as expected. Below are the kind of services you get;

Casino table hire; get prepared for a mind-blowing casino experience with the best casino tables and your own croupier.

Roulette table hire; you can win prizes and even play chips to experience the fun of an actual casino during your event.

Blackjack table hire; nothing is more exciting as you and your friends play against a live dealer at a modern Blackjack.

Poker table hire; how about a T.V experience at the comfort of your home? A poker table is the best, especially if you do not want to risk your savings.

Texas Holdem poker table hire; you can experience all the fun that comes with poker tournament to your preferred venue.

Craps table hire; take the glow of your event to the next level by bringing the fun of the craps to your occasion.

What are the Features of Casino Hire?

  • A minimum of three hours of casino playtime
  • Excellent full-size tables
  • Popular and easy to play games for both experienced and beginner players
  • Supportive and professional croupiers
  • Incredible venue set-up and collections

What’s the Real Deal with Casino games for Hire?

Roulette’ this is a famous French game. It’s easy to understand. Hire service providers offer big-sized roulette wheels and tables. The tables feature a comfortable standing room that can accommodate 8-10 players.

Blackjack; this is an exciting game, and the aim is to get a great number of cards than the dealer. If the value is over 21, the player busts.

  • Big size illuminated Blackjack table
  • Standard casino equipment
  • One professional dealer

Craps/ Dice

This is an enjoyable game. It involves shooting the dice as the fun increase with every roll. You will love it if you love noisy games.

Texas Hold’em Poker

If you are looking for a casino game that helps build skills and composure, Texas Hold’em Poker Table is the way to go. It cultivates a competitive environment as the players compete to take the prize home. It is ideal for both professional and novice players.

Money wheel

It’s alternatively referred to as the chocolate wheel. It’s a game of luck. You bet on a symbol on which the wheel will land after the dealer spins the wheel. If your bet matches, you get paid.

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