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Do You Want To Know A few Important Sports Betting Terms?


Nowadays in the USA, sports betting are going to expand and also bettors too are interested to participate in various games. For many people, some of the betting terms may sound too unfamiliar.

Here in this short write-up, we are explaining those terms for you to get familiar while betting on the UFA sites too.

  • Accumulator

The accumulator is like a parlay where it will involve a number of bets in a single wager. For a wager to win, each of the bet must win. If a single leg of an accumulator loses then a wager too will lose.

  • Asian handicap

Asian handicap is another way for betting on soccer where the stronger team is “handicapped” as a favourite. This kind of betting started in Asia.

  • Bankroll

The total money that any bettor needs to place wagers.

  • Bonus

All sportsbooks will offer a bonus amount to their customers for many reasons. The most popular one is a signup bonus that is an incentive offered for joining any of the websites of a sportsbook.

  • Chalk

Any team that is considered as the favourite. The chalk can also be a certain team player too. The chalk is always the expected winner who will win a large margin.

  • Dog

This is actually the shorter version of an underdog. This team is not supposed to be the winner.

  • Edge

The advantage that a bettor may have against the sportsbook.

  • Fixed odds

Most sports bettors may experience these odds. Once a wager has been placed, the odds will be set, and that doesn’t change.

  • Hook

It will actually mean half of any point.

  • Nickel

Placing a wager of $500.

  • Puppy

Another way of telling that a team is considered as an underdog in any game.

  • Round Robin

You can use your wager, and also make multiple parlay bets.

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