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What is the best hand in 3 Card Poker?


Most poker players find this 3-card version of the game, funny and quick and that is why it is still one of the gamblers favorites when visiting online casinos. Anyway, if you are not a poker expert and are still new at this exiting game, you will find it easier to learn and play, so we encourage you to test your poker skills with this version first.

If you want to play three card poker online, there are a few things you need to take into consideration first, and this counts for every online activity you face as well, because you already know that internet can be a little bit risky sometimes, and when speaking of online gambling we need to be twice as careful.

The main reason is because there are still no clear laws and regulations regarding online gambling and you can get caught easily inside malicious web sites if you are not following trustworthy recommendations.

So, our advice is to always stick to big names and well-known casinos if you want to play 3 card poker casino online, and that way you will make sure you are going to enjoy the most of your time playing safe and secure games.

Basic rules and strategies

If you want to improve your technique or want to learn how to play this exciting game, maybe as a first step of the full poker experience, we will act as a 3-card poker trainer, and give some pieces of advice regarding the game and its basic strategies. Let´s see…

This game starts like this, you are dealt three cards as well as the dealer, who is dealt three cards too. The goal will be to beat the dealer’s three card poker hand with yours. But, how do you bet?

Ok, you have two ways: the ANTE bet, where you are playing directly against the dealer and you need to beat his hand and the other option is the PAIR PLUS BET, where the dealer is not playing and you need to have at least a pair or better.

Notice that you can place both bets if you feel lucky, and your 3 cards are going to be dealt faced down. Remember you are only playing against the dealer so you don t need to worry about other players hands.

There are some versions of the game, anyway, which allow 3 card poker free online multiplayer, and you may check that out when you sign in at your preferred online casino.

One of the most common basic strategy, is to bet whenever you have Queen-6-4 or better, including any time your higher card is an Ace or a King, no matter how high your other two cards are.

Also, anytime your hand is Q-7 or better, regardless of your third card. You will have to fold if your hand is not at least that high. If your higher card is a Jack or lower, then fold, no matter how high your other two cards are.

Mobile online poker

One of the funniest things about online gambling is that you can take it with you wherever you go. If you are wondering about the best 3 card poker app, the news is that every online casino you decide to play at has its mobile version.

This means that no apps are needed, their software adjusts perfectly well and fits every screen size for you to play perfectly fine on any device you want.

Are you ready to play?

IF you have already checked the list of the best online casinos for you to start playing this amazing game, all that is left is to create an account and start betting!

That´s easy! You will be asked to create an account, provide the house with some personal information and the you will be led to the cashier’s home page where you will make your first deposit. Remember to claim for your welcome bonuses!

When everything is set, you will be able to choose your favorite games and start playing right away. Once you have reached your budget limit you can easily return to the cashiers page and proceed to cash out your winnings, as simply as it sounds!

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