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SPBO Handicap – Straight Bet vs Parlay: Which is Better


Both straight betting and parlaying are fairly simple modes of gambling that allow players to make risky yet potentially lucrative bets. However, not every player is cut out for either of these styles of gambling. If you’re not sure which you’re better at, or if you’re just not sure which to use, this article might help you out. Keep reading to learn more about each of spbo betting modes and see if either one of them is better for you.

Straight Betting

Straight betting is a method of betting where you predict the winner of each individual match. This is usually done with a single bet on a single team. If you predict correctly, you win a small amount of money, and if you guess wrong, you lose money. This is a simple type of betting where you can always be sure you will win some amount of money if you’re right and lose the same amount of money if you’re wrong.

Parlay Betting

Parlay betting is a method of betting where you make multiple bets on multiple teams. If you win any of these bets, you get a portion of the bet amount depending on how many other bets you’re behind. Perhaps the best thing about parlay betting is that it allows you to hedge your bets.

This means that if one team you’re betting on wins, you don’t lose a bet, but if multiple teams you’re betting on win, you can still win part of your bet. If you’re able to successfully parlay your bets and pick the right teams to bet on, you can make a lot of money with this method of betting.

How To Play With Straight Betting

You make one bet on one team and if they win, you win a small amount of money. This type of spbo betting is usually only recommended for high-risk/high-reward types of players. If you have a good record predicting winners, then this type of betting is the perfect fit for you. You’re going to have to make a lot of risky bets if you want to succeed with straight betting. You might be able to pick up quite a few wins, but you can also lose a lot of money very quickly if you’re not careful.

The best way to go about this type of betting is to pick your favorite team and take them to a win as soon as possible. If you’re right and they win, you’ll see a nice payout and you can put that money toward the next bet on your favorite team. However, if you’re wrong and the other team wins, you still lose your bet but you can use the payout to help you pick your next favorite team.

How To Play With Parlay Betting

First, you make multiple bets on multiple teams. Once you make all of these bets, you pick one team that doesn’t have a bet on them and make a bet on them to win. If that team wins, you collect the bet amount from all the teams who bet on them and you also collect the payout from the team you picked to win. This is a very risky play, but if it works out, it’s one of the most rewarding types of gambling there is.

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