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4 Fundamental Aspects to Texas Hold’em


There’s no doubt about it, Texas Hold’em is the most popular of all poker variants. Register on any major site and you’ll see the Texas Hold’em cash tables and tournaments generate the most traffic. If you want the opportunity to win the most, that’s the poker game to play. If you don’t know much about this fun and complex game, you need to grasp many parts to become proficient. In this post, we’re going to let you know the four fundamental aspects. We’ll give an overview but then it’s up to you to do some study, research and playing to fully understand them.

1) Hand Selection
The hands you choose to play are critical to becoming a strong poker player. You can’t play every hand and expect to win. Conversely, you can’t play just pocket aces either as you’ll blind to death and nobody will pay you off. It’s important to strike a balance between playing reckless and too tight. If you are concerned about the number of hands you ought to be playing, visit a major poker training site and take advantage of the free poker cheat sheet they offer you. Often, they’ll recommend the hands you should play and from what position too.

2) Counting Outs
Wouldn’t it be great if you just always had the best hand and never lost? Sadly, this isn’t the case in poker and there are times you need to work out how many cards you can hit and the probability too. Your outs are the number of cards in the deck that will probably give you the best hand. So, if you have a flush draw on the flop, there are still 9 of that suits available. To convert this to % we can roughly use the rule of 2 and 4. If you have two chances to hit, you multiply by 4 so approx. 36%, if you only have one card to hit it, you are approx. 18%.

3) Taking Advantage of Position
Every poker expert knows their profits lie in playing positional poker. This means by playing as frequently as possible in later position and being more cautious out of position. Positional advantage is huge in Texas Hold’em as the player who closes the action has the most information. Consider being first to act on every street, it’s not fun is it? You don’t yet know what your opponent is going to do. By acting last you have the flexibility to value bet, bluff or probe bet. You are more in control. You can utilize advanced poker skills like this to win online.

4) Bankroll Management
This is not a skill at the table but it’s still essential. Bankroll management is about playing in the right games and having enough money behind you to sustainably play. There’s no point sitting in a game that will render you broke if you lose a few buy-ins. Poker can have large swings of luck and you need to have enough buy-ins available to handle any bad fortune and bad play too.

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